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The Forest Sailing Club was first established in 1978. The founding members were two men named....

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Rules of the Forest Sailing Club
The following rules, while not forming part of the constitution shall, be read as being complimentary to the constitution and aid in managing the Club. In the event of any of the rules, or changes to the rules, additions or deletions of the rules be in contradiction to the constitution, the constitution will preside.

1. Membership
a. An individual membership shall include spouse/life partner, children and adopted children of the age 21 years and younger.
b. Members and their families shall be bound by the regulations as laid down by the Department of forestry and Water affairs and the rules as laid down by the Executive committee.

2. Sailing
a. The sailing officer shall at all times be in control of the water and in his absence the Junior Sailing Officer shall preside. In the absence of both a member of the Executive committee shall preside.
b. The sailing officer shall have the right to zone the water in the event of over crowding.
c. Life jackets shall be worn by anyone under the age of sixteen while sailing or swimming.

3. Payment of Fees
a. Members are expected to pay all fees due, including Entrance Fees, Membership Fees, Boat Storage and Locker fees and any other fees as determined in Clause 5 of the constitution, within 30 days of invoice date.
b Should a member not timely pay his fees, the Executive committee shall have the right to remove the members name from the Membership Role.
c. The Executive Committee shall reserve the right to charge the Entrance Fee in addition to the full outstanding account of the said member before the reinstatement of such a member.
d. In the event of a member?s name being removed from the membership role, the member shall not remove any boats or other private property from the club until such time as all outstanding fees have been settled and any keys or other property of the club have been returned to the Executive Committee.
e. In the event of a member being removed from the membership role, Clause 7 of the constitution shall be adhered to.
f. All keys shall remain the property of the club and any monies paid in lieu of keys shall be deemed to be a deposit and not a purchase of any keys. No persons may cut keys of their own accord.
g. The Club reserves the right to, after 6 months, sell any property, meaning boats of a member stored at the Club, in order to recoup outstanding accounts.

4. Animals
No animals will be allowed at the Club.

5. Visitors
a. Members will be entitled to received visitors at the Club providing: i. The member signs the visitor in or supplies the Committee or Officers of the Club with the visitors details in writing. ii. The member pays the necessary visitors fees as published on the clubs notice board from time to time. iii. The maximum number of visitors of 4 is adhered to, unless written permission from the Executive Committee is obtained.
b. Visitors shall at all times adhere to the constitution and rules of the Club as if they are a member of the Club. It is the responsibility of the member to inform his visitors of these rules. It is deemed that any visitor knows the rules of the Club.
c. The Executive committee is empowered to ask a visitor whom they deem to be guilty of unseemly or improper behavior to leave the premises or to have such a visitor removed.

6. General Behaviour
a. The use of Radios, Tape Recorders, and CD Players is prohibited unless prior arrangements have been made with the Executive committee.
b. Persons causing any damage whether malicious or accidental shall be liable for the repair thereof or for the cost of repair thereof as determined by the Executive Coucil.
c. No person shall use any boats or equipment belonging to any other individual without the owners written consent.

7. Hawking/Selling of Goods & Services
No hawking or selling of any product of any kind on the club premises, or in the near proximity of the club premises, shall be permitted unless permission is obtained from the committee in writing.

8. In Writing
It is deemed that displayed on club notice board, faxes and e-mails are included in any references to "in writing" including notices of all meetings.

9. Boat and Locker Storage Facilities
a. Boats and equipment are stored at own risk, and Forest Sailing Club and its officials cannot be held liable for any damage, loss or injury that may arise.
b. No boat or equipment may be stored at Forest Sailing Club unless application therefore is made, and the boats details have been entered into the Boat Register.
c. Boats or equipment shall not be moved to another storage bay without the consent of the officer in charge, who may reallocate storage bays as and when it may be necessary.
d. The usage frequency and boat size will be used as a guideline in allocating storage bays or storage positions and will be at the discretion of the Sailing Officer.
e. A number as determined by the Club shall be attached to the boats transom, and where this is not possible to the port bow of the boat.
f. No boats or equipment shall be removed from the club unless arrangements have been made to do so with the Executive committee, and the boat signed out by the owner.
g. The owner shall be liable for all fees for the duration that his boat or equipment is at Forest Sailing Club.
h. If a members subscriptions or storage fees fall in arrears his boat may be removed from the storage area without any notification.
i. No person may use another members boat or equipment unless written permission by the owner is obtained. Such written permission must include the owners name, telephone number, and boat number as well as the person?s name to whom the owner is granting permission. The date should also be included.
j. The Club shall immediately be notified of any change of ownership or boat details.
k. The storage facility must be kept locked if the attendant is not present.
l. Any amendments as sent to the owners last known e-mail address, shall be deemed as part of the terms and conditions of boat storage.
m. By leaving his boat at the club, whether the boat register has been signed or not, shall be deemed as acceptance of the terms and conditions of storage.
n. Should storage facilities no longer be required, the Executive Committee must be notified in writing thereof.
o. The club reserves the right to refuse to store a boat.
p. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions could result in the boat being removed from the Storage facility.
Revised: 17 August 2003


Regulations for Cat R vessels
Government regulations regarding Cat R vessels
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Exemption Form
Exemption form to be filled in with membership form when joining
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